It's a Vegan Affair - December Christmas Story Potluck


時間:2012年12月15日(六) 15:00~17:30

地點:睡不著咖啡館 Insomnia Cafe (台北市大安區泰順街60巷8號)



Join our celebratory end of the year potluck next Saturday!
It will be a light version, I will have an attempt at making vegan eggnog and let's focus on light easy dishes (pasta salads, etc) and desserts for this festive afternoon. Candy canes if you are able to be both naughty and nice!

"A Christmas Story" will be playing via the projector so stop by for gabbing and fooding. Everyone from carnivores to macro-vegans and all ages are welcomed! Time limit is set as I will also be hosting another event after ⋯⋯
which you can also join (Write for Rights / Genocide (Hotel Rwanda) Fooding with Amnesty)

Date/Time: 12/15 (Saturday) @ 3:00-5:30 pm
Location: Insomnia Cafe, B1 Level in Shida.
No. 8, Lane 60, Tàishùn Street (Shida area Taipower Station MRT exit 3)

Rules of the Affair:
1) No outside store-bought food please!
2) EVERYONE needs to bring a vegan dish and if interested let me know what dish you plan on making and I'll post it on the event page beforehand so that we can see the delicious menu!
3) Capping salads to 6 and fruit platters to 2
4) Portions either home-made must serve more than 6 people

More on "A Christmas Story" watch?v=uvMLfSQrHKE

More on the Amnesty event right after:



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