未來短片影展 2014春季 

Future Shorts Film Festival 2014 Spring Season


時間:2014年05月31日(六)17:30入場 18:00放映 

地點:睡不著咖啡館 Insomnia Cafe (台北市大安區泰順街60巷8號)






7 new short films coming to Taipei.


Entry/票: NT250

More about the Films:



「未來短片影展」Future Shorts Festival源起於英國,自2003年創辦至今,是目前規模最大且即地播放的短片電影節。它打破了地域和傳統的播放界限,即地播放的影展模式,為世界各地的觀眾放映來自四面八方最優秀的電影短片,至今已超過三十個國家、六十個城市參與「未來短片影展」的播放,放映的地點含括電影院、劇場、美術館、咖啡廳…「未來短片影展」創造了全新影片體驗方式,讓「電影院」不僅僅是電影院,更是人們交流的社區。

The Future Shorts Festival is the biggest pop up film festival of its kind, showcasing the most exciting short films from around the world. Anyone, anywhere can set up a screening and be part of a massive screening network and a powerful global community.

Future Shorts breaks boundaries, borders and conventions to connect a global audience to the world’s best short films. The creators of the acclaimed Secret Cinema, Future Shorts have redefined the way we experience film. The festival is a true celebration of cinema as a communicator and community.





Tooty’s Wedding

Dir: Frederic Casella
United Kingdom – 2011
Peter has always been in love with the beautiful siren Tooty but he is married to the anti-siren Alison who thinks she can talk to dogs.

So when Tooty flirts with Peter the night before her wedding, a desperate Peter decides they’re destined to be together.

Official Selection, 2012 Sundance International Film Festival Special Jury Mention, Bermuda International Film Festival 2012 Grand Prize – Best Comedy, Jury Prize – Best Short, Friars Comedy Club Film Festival 2011.

未來影展官方精選,2012日舞國際影展評審提名,2012百慕達國際影展最佳喜劇,Friars comedy club 影片節評審團最佳短片獎。



Into the Middle of Nowhere

Dir: Anna Frances Ewert
United Kingdom – 2011
This film lovingly captures the wonder of childhood as kids explore and test the boundaries of reality through play and imagination.

Golden Gate Award for Best Short Documentary –San Francisco International Film Festival 2011, Helen A. Bequest Award – Edinburgh College of Art 2010.


2011 舊金山國際影展Golden Gate 大獎最佳記錄短片獎。2010 愛丁堡藝術大學 Helen A. 紀念獎。




The Captain

Dir: Nash Edgerton
Australia – 2013
An aeroplane pilot wakes up in the wreckage of a crash with a massive hangover and is confronted with the consequences of his actions.

Participated in Flickerfest International Short Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Florida Film Festival, Sarasota Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, Calgary Underground Film Festival.

 參與 Flickerfest 國際短片節, 日舞影展, 佛羅里達影展 Sarasota 影片節, Melbourne 國際影展, Calgary 地下影片節。






Dir: Charlotta Miller
Sweden – 2011
Katrin sits apathetically in her dumpy apartment after being left by her boyfriend as an old lady whose husband just died is wreaking havoc outside.Touched by the old lady’s strong emotions, Katrin decides to face her old boyfriend.

Participated in 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

在一位老太太的先生因浩劫而過世的時候,Katrin 剛被男友拋棄、悲慘的坐在她的破公寓裡,受到老太太的情緒影響,

Katrin 決定要面對她從前的男朋友。

參加2012 日舞影展。



The Big House


Dir: Musa Syeed
Yemen – 2013
When a Yemeni boy finds a way into the empty mansion down the street,he lets himself and his imagination run wild in the big house. 

Participated in 2014 Sundance Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival, Seattle Film Festival, Dubai Film Festival.





Fear of Flying


Dir: Conor Finnegan
Ireland – 2013
Dougal is a small bird with a fear of flying. At night his dreams are plagued with a recurring nightmare of falling towards earth and by day he walks wherever he needs to go rather than face this fear. When a harsh winter rolls around, Dougal must head South, but how?


Best Animation Award- LA Shorts Festival 2012, Young Directors Forum Award- Cristal Festival 2012, Audience Award – Glasgow Short Film Festival 2013, Audience Award – Animade 2013, Best Animation – Provincetown International Film Fest


Dougal 是一隻害怕飛翔的小鳥。夜裡他總是做惡夢,夢到他墜落到地上,白天他寧願走路也不要面對他自己的恐懼。

當一個嚴峻的冬日來臨, Dougal 需要到南方過冬,但是不會飛的他,該怎麼去呢⋯?

2012 洛杉磯短片節–最佳動畫獎, 2012 Cristal電影節–青年導演論壇獎。

2013 英國Glasgrow 短片節-觀眾最愛獎, 2013 Animade – -觀眾最愛獎, Provincetown 國際影片節- 最佳動畫獎。





Dir: Kibwe Tavares
United Kingdom – 2012
Zanzibarian beach boy Mbwana, hungry for the future, creates a myth that transforms his small town into a tourist hot spot, but when the reality is far from his dreams he sets out to destroy the town – or himself.


Participated in 2013 Sundance Film Festival, “Best Short Film” nominee for The British Independent Film Awards (BIFAS) in 2013. Made in partnership with Film4, BFI, Channel4, Shine Films.


桑給巴爾的海灘男孩Mbwana, 對未來充滿渴望,創造了一個謠言足以讓他的小鎮變身熱門觀光景點,


參加2013 日舞影展, 2013英國獨立影片獎(BIFAS) 「最佳短片」提名, in partnership with Film4, BFI, Channel4, Shine Films.


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