電耳朵『右耳聆聽左耳不見了』N0.13 媒體良心
2012.01.27 Fri. at Insomnia cafe(台北市大安區泰順街60巷8號)


右耳GUEST--黃哲斌  (21:00~23:00pm)

1.How Deep Is Your Love│Bee Gees
2. How Deep Is Your Love│Take That
3. Killing Me Softly With His Song│ Roberta Flack
4. The Old Songs│ Barry Manilow
5. Bohemian Rhapsody│ Queen
6. 穿過你的黑髮的我的手 My Hand Through Your Hair│ 羅大佑 Lo Da Yu
7. Airport│ 薛岳 Xue Yue
8. Money For Nothing│ Dire Straits
9. Apollo Medley│ Hall & Oats
10. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me│ Boy George And Culture Club
11. If You Don't Know Me By Now│ Simply Red
12. Sweet Child Of Mine│ Guns 'N Roses
13. Ruby My Dear│ Thelonious Monk & John Coltrance
14. Feeling Good│ Nina Simone
15. 流浪記 Roam Diary│ 巴奈 Banai
16. 我又再度依戀上昨天 I'M Falling In Love With Yesterday Again│ Tizzy Bac

右耳DJ--菜堡  (23:00~00:00am)

1. Noveau Novaxx│ Daedelus
2. Frost│ Alphawezen
3. Alphawezen│ Clark
4. Dreaming Of A Dangerous Desire│ Philoluminescence
5. Regolith│ Demdike Stare
6. Like Spinning Plates│ Radiohead
7. Eagle In Your Mind│ Boards Of Canada
8. Mysterons│ Portishead
9. What's A Girl To Do?│ Bat For Lashes
10. Hyper Ballad│ Bjork
11. Hopscotch│ Coco Rosie
12. Windmills│ Bitstream Dream
13. Epilogue│ Late Night Alumni
14. March Against The Savages│ Lights Out Asia 

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