Guest: @llenblow a.k.a 愛吹倫  
電耳朵『右耳聆聽左耳不見了』N0.7 廢人無用
2011.12.23 Fri. at Insomnia cafe(台北市大安區泰順街60巷8號)


右耳GUEST--愛吹倫@llenblow a.k.a  (20:00~22:00pm)

1. Before Today (Adam F Remix)│ Everything But The Girl
2. Righteous Dub│ Long Beach Dub Allstars
3. No Fun Feat. Iggy Pop│ Asian Dub Foundation
4. When You Gonna Learn? (Digeridoo)│ Jamiroquai
5. Space Children│ Audio Active
6. The Hardest│ Gasoline
7. The Lost Souls│ Afi
8. Time Bomb│ Rancid
9. This Is Love│ Hi Standard
10. Arrival Time│ Brahman
11.東京少年 Because I Love It│ Going Steady
12. 韓怂 Hán Sǒng│ 反光鏡 Reflector
13. 12/23/93│ Poison The Well
14. Tetsuo│ Geinoh Yamashirogumi
15. Let Me Ride (Remix)│ Dr. Dre
16. Low Class Conspiracy│ Quasimoto
17. Accordian│ Madvillain
18. Dem Fi Know (Feat.Jammer)│ Cotti Vs. Mr. Party
19. Lebanese Blonde│ Thievery Corpoation
20. いつかどこかで (Live Mad Maxx Dub)│ Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra


2011.12.23 Insomnia hybrid ear - DJ @llenblow a.k.a. 愛吹倫 Edited by Hybrid Ear on Mixcloud

右耳DJ--菜堡  (22:00~23:00pm)

1. 3 Skank│ Dj Food
2. Everythings Alright(Original Mix)│ Aldo Vanucci
3. I Was A Yeh Yeh Girl│ Doing Time
4. 自己餵狗 Feed The Dog By Myself│ 何欣穗 Chia Chia Her
5. Cortina D'Ampezzo│ Junkie Xl
6. Smoke│ Rjd2
7. Santa Cruz│ Fatboy Slim
8. Gimme Sympathy│ Metric
9. Cold Perfection│ Giandini Di Miro
10. Spanish Sahara│ Foal
11. Cigaretts│ Russian Red
12. Goat's Addiction│ Kbn


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